Privacy Policy

Welcome to our Privacy policy for laptop reviews. Trust of users makes a significant impact on us to provide you with the best services. To maintain your trust, we set some privacy principles.

  • Transparency
  • Access
  • Security
  • Accountability

For security purposes, the privacy policy applies to the information collected from you. Please review our privacy policy carefully. 

Types of  Information we collect

We gather data about you in different manners when you utilize our Administrations or, in any case, cooperate with us. We may gather data utilizing web guides (otherwise called pixel labels). Web reference points are electronic pictures that might be used on our website . or in our messages. We use web reference points to convey treats, tally visits, get utilization, and crusade adequacy and to tell if an email has been opened and followed upon.

  • Personal Information

It includes your email address, name, country name. These are the necessary information that is important to contact you. Or to enhance your experience with us. All the information you provided to us will be saved and secured.

This information includes your name and email address.

We use your data to provide our best services by registering your account. To improve our website so that we can serve you better. All of your data is fully secured, and there is no chance of any mishap of your data. For these purposes, we use cookies to ensure the security of your information as it can be possible.

Your data can not share with any third party, which is unknown to us. So, Don’t worry about your personal information kee4p calm and search for what you want from our website

We also used your Data for the following purpose;

  • To send you a newsletter and update about our website
  • To provide you the future updates

Your information is also used to fulfill any obligation from the law. As per our privacy policy, we do not share your data with any other third party, which is unknown to us. In some cases, we provide your data to our trusted partners so that we can make it possible to offer you the best services.

  • Tracking and cookies data

We use cookies to analyze customers’ behavior, track user movement, and collect information about our resources to personalize and enhance your experience.

On PC Commentator takes sensible measures to help ensure data we gather about you with an end goal to forestall misfortune, abuse, and unapproved get to, divulgence, modification, and pulverization.

We use different types of cookies. Turn cookies off doesn’t affect your website experience. We use cookies for an assortment of purposes and to upgrade your online experience, for instance, by recollecting your sign-in status and reviewing inclinations from a past utilization of online help, for when you later come back to that online assistance.

  • Necessary cookies

These cookies are used to able you to use some essential functions on our website example logging in. In these cookies, there is no need for any personal information

  • Analytic cookies

These cookies check the performance and services of our website. These cookies are utilized to gather data about traffic to our Administrations and how clients use our Data.

The data assembled doesn’t recognize any individual guest. The Data is totaled and, in this manner, mysterious. It incorporates the number of visitors to our site, the sites that alluded them to our Administrations, the pages that they visited on our Administrations, what time of day they visited our Administrations, regardless of whether they have visited our Administrations previously, and other comparable data.

We utilize this Data to help work our Administrations all the more proficiently, to accumulate expansive segment data, and to screen the degree of movement on our Administrations.

We use Google Investigation for this reason. Google Investigation utilizes its own cookies. It is just used to improve how our Administrations functions.

  • Advertising cookies

These cookies show the relevant advertisement as per your interest. These cookies You can also limit the number of times you see an advertisement.

  • Demographic Information

We have also used your demographic information so that we can provide you with the most relevant results on laptop reviews.

  • The information you have provided with us

This information includes your personal information and the necessary information about you by which we can connect you quickly. We gather this Data, so next time when you visit our website, we will show you the result as per your interest.

  • The information which we collected about you

This information includes information that is automatically collected by cookies or other tools. It could be your IP address, your search history on the website

  • The data from our partner

This Data includes data from our partner such as

  1. Google analytics
  2. Google Adsense
  3. Google webmaster
  • Comments

When any user leave us a comment, we will collect the information such as

  1. IP address
  2. Login Information

It will help us to prevent any spam comments.

How we can secure your Data

We can keep your data secure. We have full control to keep your information safe. But we don’t have control over what happened to your device information instruction structure indecent formations.

Many reports contain security risks. We tried all our best but can’t guarantee the security of personal information. If there is any threat to your rights or interest, we will notify you. If you have an account with us, please keep your username and password secret.

We have a right to change the privacy policy at any time.

Please don’t hesitate to contact us: